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Killers in the Outfield

This great selection is one of our popular Murder Mystery Shows. We'll be glad to help you determine which scripts will work best with your group's event. Bookings are on a first-come-first-served basis, so the selection is subject to availability. For a more "in depth" description, feel free to call Mike or Carol at 905-544-5628!

Third Base Coach, Rusty Spikes, is finally moving on, and all his old team mates and closest friends have come to raise a glass at his retirement party. But when someone ends up dead, and all the evidence points to murder, Lt. Carumba takes over. While an aging catcher and a rookie phenom go head to head, the eccentric millionaire who owns the team is demanding that something be done to get back on the winning track. Even Carumba will have a tough time covering the bases with this team! Touch base with your friends when you strike out for "Killers in the Outfield". You'll have a ball!

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