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Something new for Valentine's: A Wedding instead of a Killing!

February 8, 2015 | No Comments | #news

The Backstage Capitol Theatre in Delhi asked us to come up with something new for Valentine's this year and (gasp) it's not a murder mystery; it's a wedding! And a piece of interactive theatre, too :) "Juan & Wanda Wanna Marry" got a blurb in the Norfolk News this week. Check it out: Family Feud at Backstage Capitol   We're excited!    Thanks to J.P. Antonacci for the story :)

Here's a little more information about the show:  

Weddings are beautiful: Love, Flowers, Cake and Dancing ...  but this one's got some challenges.
Never mind 'opposite sides of the tracks', Juan and Wanda grew up on opposite sides of the fields, in Norfolk County. 
Once Juan became a landed immigrant, they thought their troubles were over, and began planning their life together. Too bad other family members think they know better. The Family Feud is more than just a TV game show!
Who's in the wedding party? Why are the bridesmaids from another country? Who's not invited, and who shows up?
Shhh - the wedding is being held in secret. Don't tell anyone you've been invited - and, for heaven's sake, keep it off facebook! 
Just come on in, and fall in love with everyone there.



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