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Tonight's the Night! With Dave Barclay

January 14, 2017 | No Comments | #news

Tonight! Are you in - or near - Toronto?

(Bad Dog Theatre Company, 875 Bloor St. W.)

Do you love Comedy? And/or the NFL?

Here's a show for you! "It's hard to say what is more exciting about the first 2017 edition of Tonight's the Night! with Dave Barclay (Toronto's Premiere Live Late Night Talk Show), the fact that the King of Canadian Comedy, Mark Little, will be present to perform and be interviewed by me with my trademark "oddball" queries?

Or, is the more exciting thing that we are convening a panel of NFL Experts to pitch me a new team to be a fan of? I should explain that my current favourite team, the San Diego Chargers, may be moving to Los Angeles, thus releasing me from fandom obligations and making me a free agent of sorts in the realm of Americaball. 

We have representatives from the fanbases of 
1) The Best team in the NFL, the New England Patriots (represented by Lauren Messervey)
2) The worst team in the NFL, the Cleveland Browns (represented by Ned Petrie)
3) The most skull-associated team in the NFL, the Oakland Raiders (represented by Phil Moorhead) 

We'll also have the usual topical monologue, fun hijinks and thrills that come on every Tonight's the Night! Come on down after you're finsihed doing whatever you do on Saturdays!" Dave Barclay's not only a super-smart nice guy, he's a great comedian and comedy writer. Check him out ASAP!

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